Be Inspired

Easy way to become your dream reality

Hi Dear,

I am Ese Obukohwo, A motivator, listener, and lover of humanity. MindOcean is created with the aim to motivate, inspire and to celebrate with you as you become determined to be an addition to your pals, family, environment and the world at large.

“MindOcean is a lifestyle menu on how to leave the desired life by believing and becoming your dream reality”.

My joy has no bound, writing this post is one of the bold steps have taken knowing that is a privilege to be part of your success story,MindOcean has been a dream since the early stage, My soul longs daily to be a voice that motivates and inspires humanity, ponder on when I will face my fear to contribute my own quarter to the universe, a light that lightens the world, an ally that sweetens the heart and mind of dignitaries like you.

“you are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”

Les Brown.

3 reasons while you need to permit “you” to be part of MindOcean Community

  • You “Matter “: As Lisa Nichols said, ” Your story is important” Your experiences, challenges, and victories you,ve encountered before or now are paramount, it was meant to shape you so as to be a contributor in your domain and the world at large, Trust me when I say you matter at this moment no matter your status right now, it doesn,t matter your background, race, stature or looks, You owe no one apology of who you are,

“You have to color outside the lines ,once in a while if you want to make your life a masterpiece”

Albert Einstein.

You may be in a state of oblivion right now, your dreams and desires may seem so awkward as though it is impossible, I urge you to take a deep breath right now….. With a smile on your face exhale……. and say these words to yourself now, I { call your name} matter, I am so important, I ……. appreciate me for every battle fought, I appreciate me for every mistake made, And I forgive myself now because I matter {Smiles}.

  • Your “Transformation” is paramount:: Some years back started reading and following the principles of some icons who have dared to walk through their path of destiny, These legends had most things in common which I will be excited to unleash most times because these personalities transformed me that,s while I became so uncomfortable until I found my path.
  • You are “Enough”: Say these words right now, First, take a deep breath and gently exhale with a smile on your face. I am enough, Am old enough….. Am young enough, Am all I need to succeed.

For a long time, I believed and accepted some peoples wrong opinions about me, opinions on how one should look, what I should be, and how a person should behave just to fit in their own pattern that has been patterned for me, The standards that were set by others became my calling and targets, {smiles} It was so exhausting , it took me time to see who I was designed to be, Don,t get me wrong family and friends opinions can be so exciting and sounds pleasing, but it may sometimes seem different from what you were created for,Today am gradually becoming my dream reality.

You are enough, The Universe needs you, we need you to be” You”, We need you in your raw state.,We don,t need you to pretend to be someone else, Your originality, Yes , Your highest frequency even with your scars, there is something you can still offer , No one can do it better.

In MindOcean community you matter to us, and we see this as a privilege, Have you ever felt worried about what you ought to do that you have not started? Perhaps you have started but gave up along the way, And what are your plans since you can still make a difference, I will like to get your feedback.

Unveiling these issues are the first step to transformation

Be Open,

Be Free, Be inspired.

And if no one has told you today, I love you.